Frequently Asked Questions

What is CTS Lite?

CTS Lite is a single seat, air-gapped, annual license for CTS Lite Emerald power efficiency measurement test software.

What is Power Efficiency Measurement?

Power efficiency measurement measures the consumption of power during the running of a specific workload. Power efficiency is expressed in IOPS/W and MB/s/W while running industry standard Emerald workloads.

What is the SDLPEM?

The SDLPEM is a SNIA in development technical position that focusses on the power efficiency measurement of individual storage devices. The SDLPEM sets forth the required workloads, test methodologies, tests, reporting and software tools to comply with industry regulations and standards for green storage.

What is the Emerald 5.0 block level test?

The Emerald 5.0 is a SNIA in development technical position that focusses on the power efficiency measurement of system level storage using SpecStorage2024 workloads and CTS Lite Emerald tests for block IO LUNS storage.

Why do I need to use CTS Lite to measure power efficiency?

CTS Lite is the required test software, workload and reporting software for the in development SNIA Emerald 5.0 and SDLPEM 1.0 specifications.

How do I get a copy of CTS Lite?

CTS Lite can be purchased and downloaded at CTS Lite is expected to be released in Q4 2023. Interested parties can participate in a Trial Beta program by clicking on this link and completing the form.

How do I use CTS Lite?

CTS Lite is a single test executable that runs on Windows, Linus and other major OS and derivatives. The simple command line interface runs the tests on selected storage.

How do I aggregate power data with CTS Lite?

CTS Lite comes with an automated power data import facility. Point to the desired third party csv format power data and import and aggregate the data to the desired CTS Lite test results.

What does the test report look like?

CTS Lite generates results in excel and html file formats. The read-only html results file serves as an audit trail with pre-built report plots and source data. The html file also provides a live playback file with data analytics.

What and where do I post results data?

Posting of results in the required reporting format is dictated by the relevant regulatory agency or entity.